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-SC Take Action: Oral Health for the Young Child

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Parents play an important role in establishing early health habits including oral health. They need to be empowered and informed about the best way to protect their child'™s smile and put them on the road to good oral health.

Parents can make a positive impact on their family'™s oral health by simply following a few basic steps. These steps include:

- Wipe out your child's mouth before teeth arrive and then begin brushing teeth two times a day.

- Floss regularly.

- Take your child to the dentist by age one and then continuing with regular visits.

- Drink water with fluoride. Fluoridated Water: What Parents Need to Know (pdf) This dual language flyer explains to parents the benefits of drinking fluoridated water.

- Ask your doctor or dentist about fluoride varnish. Fluoride Varnish for Parents (pdf) This dual language flyer explains the importance of fluoride varnishes to preventing tooth decay.

- Limit sugary foods and drinks and offer food at regular times each day rather than allowing children to snack all day long.

Below are some information sheets that might make it easier to protect your child's smile

-link to dual language parent information sheets


Common oral health problems can affect all individuals. However, these problems can present particular challenges to individuals with special health care ne eds. Certain conditions may make it more difficult to keep the oral cavity clean and healthy. Tooth decay is the number one unmet need of children with special healthcare needs.

Families should be supported in taking an active role in establishing and maintaining good oral health for their child. Here is a helpful resource for parents:

Oral Health for Families with Special Health Care Needs (pdf).

This resource guide was developed by the DHEC's Division of Oral Health and MUSC College of Dental Medicine through funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The booklet is designed to give parents and caregivers tips on keeping their child'™s or teen'™s mouth healthy taking into account the challenges that exist for those with special needs.

In addition to parents, the booklet would also be a good resource for schools, homeschool associations, parent and community outreach programs as well dental and medical offices. A Spanish version of the guide is also available.


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